How to Control Sexual Desires and achieve Brahmacharya?

control sexual desire

Today I will teach you to control sexual desires. No one teaches you the right way to control sexual desires and achieve celibacy-Brahmacharya.

Eat as much as is necessary for your body

Overeating and Sexual desires have a direct relationship. If you overeat or really stuff yourself, the sex desire will be created from the extra food. If you eat more than the necessary amount, it creates desire inside of you.

Why does it create desire? It’s because you will not be able to contain the extra energy within you. It wants to go out, and you already have made a hole by which your extra energy is thrown out.

Sexual Desires are the way for energy to go out and sex is the way to throw out the energy. When you have too much energy that you cannot contain, it will begin to overflow.

A container can be filled with only as much water as it can contain. If it is filled more, it will overflow. Desire is the energy that overflows your vessel, this is why if you eat too much you will be caught in sexual desire. Now it is very difficult. If you eat too little you will remember all kinds of food every time day and night.

So what will you do? What is the way? – Be spontaneous, come to the middle. Eat as much as is necessary for your body to do daily activities like meditations and works. This is the first thing you should remember to control sexual desires.

control sexual desire
How to control sex?

Meditation is the one and only way to control Sexual desires

Secondly, the most important one is – try to become conscious and aware of each and every moment and activities that you do.

Food impacts your awareness. If you eat too much food the senses will be strengthened and awareness will be destroyed. And the more awareness is destroyed, the more sex remains in the mind.

There is a relationship between awareness and Sexual desire. To control sexual desires you should be more conscious. The more amount of awareness increases the more amount of sexual desire decreases. Similarly, more awareness decreases the more the sexual desire increases. These two always influence each other.

If you eat too much then unconsciousness overtakes you, immediately you feel asleep. And if you do not eat food some night, then you cannot fall asleep.

So, in older age sleep becomes less because he cannot eat too much food. The body cannot contain enough food to digest.

Don’t fight against sex, it’s foolish to fight with sex. The ultimate solution is- try to focus on awakening your consciousness. When consciousness increases, Simultaneously the sexual desire becomes disappeared.

This is why don’t fight against sex, rather awaken your awareness. Become more alert and do things with greater alertness. If you go into sex, go into it alertly and consciously. And you will be surprised, as consciousness increases, sex desire will become weak by itself. One day you will suddenly find that without suppressing and fighting against sex, it has disappeared from your life. There is no longer sexual desires within you. Everything within has become lit with awakening.

Sex and meditation have the same relationship as light and darkness. If a lamp is lit, darkness is ended. There is no need to throw out darkness. Who can throw it out? How can it be thrown? Can anyone throw it out?

Only a lamp is to be lit. This is why the people who fight with sexual desire have gotten into very foolish activity. If you fight with sexual desire, it will increase and you will be more possessed by it. No one has ever fought with darkness and won. You cannot remove darkness without light. Every effort will become futile unless you light a small lamp.

Darkness is nothing, but the absence of light. If the light presents, darkness cannot be found. It has not gone anywhere: only light was missing.

Sex is the absence of meditation or awakening. If the lamp of meditation is lit: enough, sex is gone.

Don’t try to suppress Sex. The key to success in Brahmacharya (celibacy) is meditation. Brahmacharya cannot be taught, only meditation can be taught. Brahmacharya is the result. As meditation ripens, brahmacharya comes to the fruit by itself.

All effort is to be put into meditation. One who puts his effort directly into brahmacharya will suppress sex in the name of brahmacharya and it will not happen – it will be only superficial – within the being the worms of desire will be crawling and snake of desire will raise its hood. His life will become very unnatural and difficult. Peace will not arise in his life, nor will equanimity come. He will fall deep into duality. A continuous struggle will go on turning within him. And how can there be an experience of God while struggling? A non-dual mind is needed, only then is the experience of god possible.

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