How to get rid of Anxiety?

how to get rid of anxiety

In an anxiety-related disorder, you feel unease, such as fear or worry. You suffer from fear and worry and it does not go away can get worse over time. It can influence and interfere with your life and daily activities like school, work or relationships. It is a mental illness and psyschological or emotional disorder.

Everybody is suffering from anxiety but the difference is not qualitative but quantitive. Some have with the greater extent and some have with the lesser extent.

Symptoms of Anxiety

You may have various symptoms of anxiety but some common symptoms are mention below.

Mental Symptoms

  1. Becoming worried very fast.
  2. feelings of fear while facing people or public places.
  3. Becoming emotional hurt very fast
  4. Changes in feelings, such as fear of others and relatives.
  5. Evil thinkings to others
  6. Fast anger
  7. Negative thinkings
  8. Sadness and suffering
  9. Overthinking, illusion, confusion, doubt
  10. Worrying about every small thing
  11. Nerviousness

Psychical Symptoms

  1. Panic Attacks
  2. Hot faces or intense anger
  3. body uncontrol or shaking
  4. High Blood Pressure, fast breathing, and restlessness
  5. Hiding from people
  6. Self-hurting or hurt to somebody else
  7. A headache
  8. Nausea
  9. Insomnia

How to Overcome Anxiety Naturally?

Anxiety is a psychological disease so it should be treated without medications and pills. In fact, drugs do not cure anxiety but may give some relief for some time. Drugs cannot treat anxiety permanently, it may give a short time relief to the patients.

Then what is the answer to the question “how to get rid of anxiety”?

anxiety disorder

Now I’m going to show you the one hundred percent working tricks to get rid of anxiety without any medications. Let’s begin…

I dont know your main cause of anxiety in your life. Different people have different problems in their life but today I will help you to get out of the any type of anxiety completely.

First of all, I want to say you that you are unnecessarily becoming anxious. No one is giving you the anxiety. You are creating the anxiety yourself. Anxiety is your own creation. If something wrong is going around you, then it’s ok, no need to worry about it. Such up and down comes in everyone’s life, the main thing is how the person sees the problem and responds to it.

Don’t start to blame the others. Everything or every inciedence is neither good nor bad, all difference is due to the mind. Your beliefs make them good or bad. Beliefs are not true they are given by society and it changes according to the geography. Everything is perfectly good – you unnecessarily get into trouble.

Live life with full satisfaction. Actually, no one is going to win or lose in life, all are due to the belief systems that are given to you by your society. You are not immortal everything changes according to time. No one can always win, time robs their all after few days. No matter whether it is one day or one hundred years. One thing is certain that time destroys all the achievements.

You are like an alien who visits the earth and lives here for a few years. So live the life with full enjoyment. The beliefs are not true, they are created to run the society, so do not identify yourself with every incidence and with every result. You are the watcher of the game, let whatsoever to happen. Laugh at loud.

Your main problem is not the others but your very mind. Your mind is continuously thinking, it is not going to stop, so it causes the problem.

Then how to get rid of overthinking? The one and only very powerful very
simple way to stop overthinking is meditation. It takes you to the zero thought state, and you become totally relaxed and calm. Meditation can easily cure your anxiety. The solution of anxiety is meditation.

You have gone out of your inner harmony, you should return to your own inner being. Meditation works amazingly. All types of anxiety, depression and the tensions cannot survive if you practice 15-60min meditation every day. Meditation is the boon of the universe to treat and solve every problem of your life.

Meditation has a power to make you self-confident, bold, bravery, active, energetic and successful in life.

Benefits of Meditations

There are unlimited benefits of meditations but few of them are given below:

  1. Stronger relationship
  2. Greater positivity or no negativity
  3. No more anxiety
  4. No more tensions and depressions
  5. Great help in spirituality
  6. Promotes Emotional Health
  7. Enhances Self-Awareness
  8. Extraordinary memory power
  9. Greater kindness and love
  10. Helps to fight addictions
  11. Cures insomnia or improved sleep
  12. Controls fears and blood pressures
  13. Emotionally well being
  14. Super Mind or peak intelligence
  15. Healthier body

What is Meditation?

Meditation is not an act, it is mentally and physically doing nothing. It’s a total relaxed state of your mind and your body.


Meditation is just waiting, resting and a state of no action. This is your natural state or your own state that you have forgotten.

Think of the child in the mother’s womb, really doing nothing. That was a nine-month meditation journey and the child was utterly happy. In fact, because of that blissfulness, one always feels suffering in life and seeks peace but never finds. Meditation is the process of returning to that state where you were not doing anything but just were conscious.

All the blissfulness and pleasures come when you have zero thoughts. For example, while having sex your enjoy and feel some blissfulness but do you know from where that blissfulness comes? That blissfulness is due to no extra thoughts in your mind. You fill with blissfulness and enjoyment when you don’t have any thoughts in your mind. While having the sex, in the last state
(ejaculation state), your thoughts become absolutely zero, and at that instant, you feel an ultimate bliss and pleasure. But that bliss is for less than a millisecond, you cannot taste that bliss that’s why you again go through the sex in the next day. So no one can get rid of sex, it becomes repetitive in nature due to that milisecond bliss.

Whenever your thoughts disappears you feel relaxed and blissful. Another example is Bunjnee Jumping. In that jump, you get no mind state or zero thought state so you enjoy it. Reversely we can say that whenever we enjoy something, it means we have no crowd of thoughts at that instant.

And meditation is the method to create that zero thought state manually. You will be filled with the ultimate bliss and extreme pleasure for the unlimited time while meditating. Meditation is the most valuable and great discovery in the history of mankind.

Inner peace is the most valuable than the money. Money cannot give you peace. Money is the outer worldly appearance, it has no relation to peace. Peace happens inside and money is at outside. Your desires for more money increase as you earn money. No one becomes satisfied with the current money. They need more and it never ends. I see there is no difference in beggar and on the wealthier. The wealthier one also has the same begging attitude, the difference is not of the quality, the difference is due to the human made sociaty.

All the cause of depression, anxiety, and addiction to drugs are due to not getting again such a huge peace that was ever happened in mother’s womb. As compared to it, everything happens in life falls short. Although consciously we have forgotten about it, unconsciously it persists as a nostalgia. We know in some subtle way, our body also knows, that there was a time when all was just bliss.

Meditation is nothing but again creating a womb situation. So be in the state of doing nothing, just be there for one hour every day and the result certainly comes.

But result won’t pop up immediately because we have learned habits of action and they have deep-rooted in our mind, so even when sitting, we find some ways to do something.

The mind can take you to the moons, to the stars, wherever you want, but it cannot take you to your own being. If you want to go to your own being, you will have to leave the mind, the mind is the crowd of the thoughts; you will have to go in silence, without the thoughts.

Past and the future has to be completely dropped and the moment remains between the two is ‘this moment’. And this moment is only reality and it opens the door to the ultimate truth.

So let this moment become your whole life. Live moment to moment, with no ideology, with no desire for any kind of future and goal. And then you needn’t go to find the god, the god comes to you.

The mind is never clear and can never be. Our All relationship is through the mind; hence the problem is. You have to learn the ways of no-mind So it is not a question of how to be clear; it is a question of how to be a no-mind.

Through the mind, the same thing will go on being repeated, again and again. The mind is repetitive and mechanical. It moves like a wheel: the same spokes come up again and again.

There is the difference between the western approach and the eastern. The western approach is to bring clarity to the mind. The whole of psychoanalysis is nothing but that: how to bring a clarity to the mind.

The eastern approach is how to get out of the mind because the mind is not going to be clear ever. You have to learn the ways of getting out of the mind. And all the meditations are the tools to slip out of the mind. 

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