Reincarnation and Mystery of Life after Death?


Nothing happens in this universe without a reason. Even there is a reson of life after death. The main reason to take rebirth or reincarnation is due to the desires that are not fulfilled in this life. Everybody dies with unsatisfaction and that causes the rebirth or the seeking of the womb. The soul needs a body to fulfill his desires.

The man who dies with unsatisfaction have a lot of desires and those desires remain in the soul. So it seeks the womb to get a new body to fulfill the remaining desires.

Desires are nothing but extra negative energies possessing in a soul. So the soul cannot easily remain in the universe. It needs a body to come again in the worldly existence.

In fact, there is no real meaning to live a life because every second you are surrounded by death. All the achievements and the money becomes meaningless to you when you take your last breath in this world. Everything takes you to death and the death takes your all.

The enlightened people lose all the worldly attachment and the desires. When you die consciously and with full-satisfaction of the life then you become out from the loop of birth and death or reincarnation.

That’s why the enlightened people claim to take no further birth after the Enlightenment. Actually, you are in the loop of death and rebirth or reincarnation. You don’t know how many times you were here and had done the same fucking things repetitively in each birth.

The last thought while you are dying impacts your next birth. Your thought works as the laws of attraction. The soul seeks the proper womb according to the consciousness level.

The enlightened people die so peacefully, so consciously that they become identified with the universe, and they are in a totally blissful state. They never take rebirth. Only the compassion may cause the rebirth for them, otherwise, they don’t want to disturb their bliss.

Higher consciousness waits for many years to get the next birth because of lack of suitable womb.

The normal people get a lot of wombs so they find wombs within three days to one year.

Lastly, the evil people also suffer difficulty in life after death to find proper womb for them, till then they exist as a ghost.

Once Gautam Buddha had told his past life story:

Buddha was born as an elephant. There was a jungle where many animals and the elephant lived. Once the destruction of the jungle happened due to the fire. All the creatures and the elephant started to run faster to save their life. The elephant stopped running to rest for a while. At that moment a rabbit comes under the body of the elephant to save its life. Rabbit thought that it is the better place to hide the body. Gradually fire started to come towards the elephant but rabbit didn’t move because he thought the elephant is not also moving and the elephant waits to move the rabbit. Finally, the fire killed the elephant.

Gautam Buddha had mentioned that I had not moved due to the compassion and sacrificed my life, and that caused me to birthe as a human.

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