The Real Art of Dying: Things to Know Before you die

things to know Before you die

We learn many arts in life and some of them are meaningless to learn but the greatest truth of life is death and we try to hide it and wants to escape from it. We learn no any art of dying. We neglect the death and do not want even to remember it. We leave it in darkness.

The most certain thing in our life is death. There is no other certain thing than the death and no one can escape from death. Everything that exists in this universe can be non-exist. Whatsoever has a birth, has a death too. We cannot say that a man was born and didn’t die.

The most basic art that everyone must know is the art of dying.

We are living an uncertain life where our every moment is surrounded by death. We cannot escape from death. The most certain thing in our life is death but we always try to hide and forget it.

Everything that exists in this universe can be non-exist.

There are only a few people who know how to live and how to die. And that is the greatest art because that is the culmination of life. If you miss death, you have missed your whole life. You will be thrown back into the womb again because you will have to learn and go through the whole process again.

If you failed, then you have to go through the same class again. And the only way to pass is to die so centered, so conscious, so peaceful, that there is no fear ever.

This cannot be managed just by becoming brave. Unless you know that there is something in you which is deathless, it is impossible to manage it. And that deathlessness is always there; that is your witnessing consciousness. And Meditation is the only one tool to attain it.

Start a Meditation

First you should a meditation that is watching the breath. It is continuously going in and going out. You just need to watch and feel your breath. You will aware that you are not this body and not even this breath. You are the one who is watching and that watcher is immortal, it never dies.

The moment we know the witness, we become immortals. The best and easiest way to know is to watch your breath because breath is the bridge that joins the body to the soul.

Watching the breath means that you are watching the bridge – the bridge that joins you with the body. Between you and the body is the breath, and you are watching the breath; because you are watching, you are separate from it. You can watch a thing only if you are separate from it.

If you continue this simple mediation then you will be full of joyous and will have a glimpse of the deathlessness and the timelessness. And you can leave in perfect silence, in absolute cool and so consciously that you will realize that death cannot kill you…and that is the real way to die.

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