What is Reality and the absolute truth for life?

what is reality, the ultimate truth of life

Today I’m going to answer all of your questions what is reality? what is the truth of life? what is absolute truth for life? Does reality is an illusion?

What is Reality? Does reality is illusion?

what is reality? what is the truth and the absolute truth, does reality is illusion
what is reality? what is the truth and the absolute truth

Do you know what is real? – Let me explain, Everything in this universe that exist is unreal and reality is not a something that can be seen. Things are only appearances, forms of something which is formless. That formlessness is real but that cannot be seen, touched and felt. All that can be experienced is a dream.

When I say that everything is unreal, that does not mean that you can pass through the wall and jump off a mountain because the mountain and you are unreal.

Ask the physicist, ask even the materialist: he says it is unreal because there is no solid wall, just waves are vibrating so fast in the nucleus of an atom that they give the appearance of a solid wall. But there is no solid like existence, all is energy.

By ’unreal’ I mean as it appears to you – that appearance is unreal. For example, the wall, as it appears, is unreal.

It is all energy, and energy is just a concept. We say that this is electricity that is giving us light, but nobody has ever been able to define what exactly it is. Just notions about it – that it is something that is passing through the wires, coming to the bulb. But nothing is passing; it is not like a current, it is not like a river or a stream.

And an atom is nothing but vibrating waves – not even a particle, but a wave. Out of those waves, which are immaterial, the solid wall is constructed. It looks solid to us because we cannot see deeply enough. And there is no way to see deeply enough because whatsoever we see will remain on the surface.Matter  is unreal in that sense. So whatsoever we see is unreal.

What is the absolute truth for the life?

what is reality, reality is an illusion, what is real, absolute truth for life
what is reality, reality is an illusion, what is real

All our relationships and belief system are also unreal; they are the creation of our minds. Only one thing can be said with certainty that is the witness, the consciousness is not unreal. Even to witness unreality a real witness is needed. You may be just a fiction of my mind, I may be just a fiction of your mind, but even for the fiction to exist, somebody is needed deep inside me to see that fiction. That witness is real; everything else is unreal.

’Truth is subjectivity’, objectivity is a lie, it is false. So when there is no thought, no experience, no object, no content in the mind, and your consciousness is just bare, naked, pure – pure of all content, just contentless, mirror mirroring nothing – then you know what is real. That mirror mirroring nothing is reality. For that one has to go deeper and deeper into one’s own being. There are layers and layers of many things; all those layers have to be eliminated.

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